file using wcf rest service

file using wcf rest service

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A sample method i use to download the file from my REST service: [WebGet(UriTemplate = "file/{id}")] public Stream GetPdfFile(string id) ... Converting a normal WCF service to being RESTful might be an easy task, but when it comes to streaming files over a REST call using WCF, ... The first step is to create a WCF REST service that will be used for downloading and uploading the file. I prefer to keep all my services in a separate WCF project. This project is then hosted in the IIS. Add a new Blank solution by the name of “FileHandling”. Recently, We deployed a web application in a load balanced environment. And one of the features in the app was to download some data as ... In this article we will see the straight forward approach / idea about file uploading and downloading with WCF RESTFUL Service using Asp.Net MVC. Response.BinaryWrite(System.IO.File.ReadAllBytes(file)); } But instead of that we can download a file as a stream using a WCF REST service ... I am getting error while transferring a large file from WCF service to client? ...